Wednesday, June 22, 2016

T5W - Favorite Videos/Posts

"This is a chance to showcase some of your favorite posts you've ever done! These are your own posts, not shouting out someone else's. These do not have to be past T5W topics. They can be anything from your favorite discussion post you did, to your favorite review, to your favorite photo you've posted on Instagram!"

I'm joining the Top 5 Wednesday starting this week. I bumped into this and really liked the idea. The weekly Top 5 is posted in this Goodreads group: Be sure to give it a look and maybe join if you like what you see.

Here's my Top 5 posts (blog and instagram), I'm not putting them in order because it's too hard to decide.

1. The love for Vampire Academy

Een foto die is geplaatst door Ellen 📖 Belgian Bookblogger (@the_secrets_in_books) op

2. Romantic book recommendations

3. Everything that happened in 2015

4. The covers for this series...

5.  I had to read Wuthering Heights for college. Everyone took their chance to laugh about it.

I hope you all like this new part of my blog. These kind of posts every week will help me out a lot when I have a reading slump, like I do now. Yay for guaranteed weekly posts!

Much love,

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