Sunday, November 1, 2015

Review: More with You by Kaylee Ryan - With You #2

More with You More with You by Kaylee Ryan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hailey and Aiden's story

Hailey MacCoy has had a crush on Aiden since the day she met him. Over time that crush has intensified. Hailey feels she has to keep her feelings hidden due to his friendship with her brother. She struggles with the fact that Aiden only sees her as his best friends little sister.

Aiden Emerson is lusting after his best friends little sister. Hailey is all of a sudden grown up and Aiden can’t stop thinking about her. She has become an important part of his life over the last year. The thought of losing her is just not an option for him.

They find themselves thrown together and surrounded by wedding planning and events. Filling the roles of Maid of Honor and Best Man for their siblings. Hailey and Aiden are battling their hearts desire. Fighting against what they think they can’t have.

Can Aiden and Hailey resist temptation? Can they open their hearts for more?

What I think:
I liked this sequel to Anywhere with You, but it was repetitive a lot. Allison and Liam's story all over again, even in the way they talk to each other and the way they have their "firsts". I'm going to read the last book to this series for only one reason: I give the autor one more chance to make it up to me.

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