Sunday, May 21, 2017

Reading challenge catching up


It's almost June already and so for i've only read 5 books. Which is insane to me. Friends tell me it's great, like, five books, wow, that's not nothing. For me, it is close to nothing. I used to read two books a week easily, and now I'm barely reading a book a month.
It's not a big deal, I know, you can read whenever you feel like it a d shouldn't feel forced to do so. But reading is somethign that makes me happy and the reason I don't read as much anymore is because I have so many things to do during the day, that I'm way to tired to read in the evening and decide to do something else like watching YouTube video's or Netflix.
With exams coming in two weeks I feel like I should read more, because that's really something that relaxes me.

Anyway's here's an update of the books I've read so far (since monthly wrap-ups weren't really in order these past few months)

First Year by Rachel E. Carter
Rating: 4/5


Make that the cat wise by Jacob & Haver
Rating: 4/5


Apprentice by Rachel E. Carter
Rating: 4/5


Candidate by Rachel E. Carter
Rating: 5/5


How to Be a Bawse by Lilly Singh
Rating: 4/5


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