Wednesday, June 29, 2016

T5W - Settings You Want to See More Of

"These can be time periods (historical or futuristic) or places (real or fictitious)!"

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I think I mostly want to see more places in books. Time periods don't really bother me because I'm a contemporary reader, or read books without specific time indications. Historical fiction or Sci-fi isn't my thing. So places... Here we go.

1. Prague
After I've read Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor I totally fell in love with the setting in Prague. I plan on rereading the first book in this series to continue with book two and three after that. I think it'll be even more fun as I've visited Prague last year, so now I'll be able to really know what is described in the books.
I'd also love to read more books with this setting. Maybe even an alternate fantasy kind of image of Prague?

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2. Netherlands or Belgium
I'd love to read books written in English taking place in the Netherlands or Belgium. So far I've read a ton of those by Dutch authors. I'd love to see some written in English and urban fantasy. There's a lack of urban fantasy taking place in Belgium or the Netherlands (does it even exist?).

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3. Prehistoric time period
If I have to pick a historical time period I'd definitely pick the Prehistoric times. How awesome would it be to read a book about modern day people traveling back in time and being forced to survive amongst the Prehistoric animals and the first of humankind (or maybe go further back to the dinosaur ages?).

This world, created by Rachel Morgan for the Creepy Hollow series, never fails to amaze me. So yes, I'd love to read more about this world and explore it even further in the upcoming books of this series.

I'd actually love to read more stories taking place in China, Japan, etc... Maybe It's just up to me to pick up books taking place there.

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What place would you like to see in more books? Let me know!

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  1. love you pick on asian countries. That was a good shout haha ☺️

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