Friday, May 6, 2016

Review: Scarlett by Rachel Morgan - Creepy Hollow (Companion Story)

Scarlett Scarlett by Rachel Morgan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Deadly power. Stunning beauty. She will not be controlled. 

Sixteen-year-old Beth’s ordinary life is shattered the night her dormant magic awakens and she almost kills her boyfriend. Horrified at what she’s done, she flees into the fae realm to find the siren mother who disowned her a decade ago. When it turns out her power cannot be controlled, she is once again cast out from the siren community. Alone and afraid, Beth winds up in the Dark North where she’s rescued by a group of witches. They offer to help her gain control of her deadly magic—but at what price? 
Scarlett is a companion story to the bestselling YA fantasy Creepy Hollow series.

What I think:
Again, Rachel Morgan got me out of my reading slump. Or at least my reading slump took a break when she announced Scarlett - A Creepy Hollow Story. I got exited like a little kid on Christmas morning, bought the book and read it in one go.
It took me quiet a while to realize who Scarlett was and which role she had played in the previous books. I was 70% into the book when I realized this.
But man did I enjoy this book. It calmed me a little while waiting for book 6 in the Creepy Hollow series and at the same time it made me even more exited about continuing this series.
This spin-off story was short, quick and easy to read. It really gave my so much more sympathy for Scarlett as a character that I really disliked before. I'm really curious about what she'll be doing in book 6, because Rachel Morgan has already announced that she'd have importance in this book.

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