Sunday, September 20, 2015

Early Autumn Tag

I was tagged by The Little Things to do the Early Autumn tag.
I hope you'll like this post, it's somthing different, but I like doing tags.

1. Do you go out of your way to run through the autumn leaves?I usually don't, basically living in the woods makes doing that not that much fun anymore I guess. I do like the colors and everything though and just walking around and enjoying everything I see.

2. Do you rake up the leaves on the lawn or do you leave them where they fall?I rake them because it kills the grass underneath. My dad always wants them raked so yeah...

3. How close do you sit to the fire before you get too hot?Basically in the fire ... hehe4. Do you make hot chocolate from scratch or from the packet?I warm up chocolate milk from a carton.

5. Do you make hot chocolate with milk or water?Milk... who the hell would make it with water? But then again, I use carton chocolate milk.

6. What's your favourite pumpkin-based food?Everything? I guess soup the most.

7. Do you enjoy feeling the cold air, or do you wrap up warm?The warmer the better. Wearing warm and cozy clothes is fun.

8. Do you buy autumn scented candles?Not really, I'm allergic to perfumed things most of the time :(
9. Do you collect autumn leaves for pressing?I'm not patient enough for that.

10. Do you travel away for the half term holiday?No, I only travel during summer.

11. Are you more active during autumn, or more laid back?Laid back, autumn is the best time to read... so are winter, summer and spring.

12.Do you spend more time outside or inside during autumn?Inside! Books, movies and tv shows!

13. Do you go pumpkin picking?Do people do that?

14. Do you have any traditions to celebrate the start of autumn?No, but I like Halloween!

15. Do you bake cookies during the autumn?My sister is the baking person so no, I don't.

16. Do you eat baked pumpkin seeds?Nope.

17. When you go outside, do you blow to see your breath?Yes, I am a dragon!

18. Do you watch movies in bed, or in front of the fire?In bed, I'm in my bed most of the time.

19. What's your favourite roast dinner?I have no idea...

20. Cold rain or dense fog?Fog? I guess...

21.Fuzzy boots?No, they won't survive with me.

22. Do you go hiking in the forest?Yes, with my dog.

23. Do you enjoy the sound of migrating birds?I'm used to the sound of birds so I don't usually notice.

24. Do you go apple picking?No?

25. What's your favourite tea to drink in autumn?I always just drink regular tea with honey.

26. Fluffy socks?Yes!! All the fluffy socks.

27. Knitted scarves?Yes, of course!

28. Do you make your own cider?No, never have actually.

29. Do you read more books in the autumn or the summer?In summer, because summer break is way longer and there's no exams in summer.

30. How good are you at pumpkin carving?It's been too long since I've last done that.

I'm not going to tag anyone, but do this if you'd like!

Much love,

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