Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review: Vanish by Sophie Jordan - Firelight #2

Title: Vanish
Author: Sohpie Jordan
Pages: 287

Like I said about the first book in this trilogy: pure awesomeness!

This book is even more thrilling than the first one, but I loved the romance and the way all characters interacted more in Firelight. Which just means there was more Will and I love Will. 

The action here is put on a higher level and Jacinda is going trough an even harder time deciding what's best for her. Also her sisters transformation brings some change in the story, but I like how it brings Jacinda and Tamra closer as twins.
I'm excited about the next book and I hope to read it this month. I'll miss this series for sure and I hope I'll find more dragon related fantasy books like this in the near future. 
The emotions of Jacinda are put out there so well by Sophie Jordan. I could feel with her troughout the whole book and now I'm so scared that she, Tamra, Will and Cassian are getting themselves into trouble. So please ending be good. Let Cassian become king or something and let him rule better than his father so Will and Jacinda can be together in the draki pride without Jacinda needing to be scared to show her draki.

So all I can do now is read the last book in this series and hope for the best.

Much love,

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