Sunday, August 9, 2015

#AYearAThon August day 6 + 7 wrap-up

I'm updating day 6 and 7 just in this one post because on day 6 I didn't read a lot. Only read 12 pages of Pretty Little Liars. I'm ashamed I didn't just finish it, but I went shopping with my sister, got family over for dinner and went to this festival a town over the whole night.

So today, day 7, I'll just finish Pretty Little Liars and start reading Paper towns.

Day 6:
Pages read today: 12
Pages read in total: 812
Books finished: 2

Day 7:
Pages read today: 46
Pages read in total: 858
Books finished: 3

Pretty Little Liars: FINISHED
Paper Towns: 28 of 305 pages

I'll be posting a #AYearAThon wrap-up post somewhere tomorrow probably.

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