Tuesday, August 4, 2015

#AYearAThon August day 3 wrap-up

What I have realized today: #AYearAThon actually started the 3rd and not the 2nd. So I started a day earlier. Stupid me. 

Anyways, today I thought I'd have time to really get into reading, but again, I didn't read nearly as much as I wanted to. 
Guess I'll try to do better tomorrow. 

I got the Song of Ice and Fire series in the mail today, but buy am I scared to start reading Game of Thrones. These books are massive and all such thin paper and small font that it'll be a challenge to read them all. I hope I'll like them. 

I won't be reading it for this read-a-thon because it would take me too long. Kind of sad because it's the read-along book for this month's read-a-thon. 

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
Progress: FINISHED

Continuing reading: The Faerie Guardian by Rachel Morgan
Progress: 12 of 298 pages

Pages read today: 138
Pages read in total: 302
Books read: 1

Keep you all updated!

Much love,

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