Monday, August 3, 2015

#AYearAThon August day 1 wrap-up

Day 1: Sunday the 2nd of August

Recently I started joining Read-A-Thons and I'm surprised how my competitive mind makes me read a lot during these.

This month's theme is TV and movie adaptations. Right up my alley. Take a look at this month's TBR in my last post.

Since today I didn't have much time I only read a bit of The Faerie Guardian by Rachel Morgan. I'm at page 12 of 298.
I'm reading this book this week (not a movie or TV adaptation I know) for the #ReadWithBen. Go to his channel for his introduction of the series.

Pages read today: 12
Pages read in total: 12
Books finished: 0

I'll keep you all updated!
Much love,

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